Our Paleo eating habits

Paleo eating habits came up with the incident of my grandmother’s illness. She was diagnosed of cancer and the doctors were helpless. After lots of inquiry and the pertinence of my grandfather, my grandmother was healed. From then we are a paleo family.

My childhood was very different form that of other children in my neighborhood. When everyone was turning towards fast food, I was trained to bring homemade food to school. This tradition persisted during the university days and now its just a routine. Our eating equation is simple- no paleo equals no food.

We have been so much encouraged to eat real food that we can remain just hungry if paleo food is not available. This has brought the culture of growing lots of vegetables and fruits in our family. Nothing counts more than healthy eating. If there is any remedy to any ailment, its sure the right food that people need to consume in their daily lives.

We will be soon releasing more news to help the community at large. This is a blog where you can share your views.

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